homestuck beloved memories

raddical's art - raddical was my favorite artist who did homestuck art; i was incredibly inspired by him when i first read homestuck, and his art has stuck with me throughout the years. i still check on his newer stuff once in a while, its really nice to see.
he is also the reason i realized dirkjohn is really... good!!!!!!
many of his art have a very special plce in my heart, & mind. 5 years later i can look at his art for hours,it means a lot!
i doubt he knows this, but he continues to inspire me today , both his old art and new. even though i dont know him :-)

i specificly want to mention this video that has stuck with me forever since i first saw it in 2018, i feel like it is deep within my mind still. i want to create as freely as his art makes me feel...


links to other pieces that have very affected me:
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

funny videos - in 8th grade i spent a long time infront of my computer, watching funny homestuck videos.....i thinks this is a common ground for many people who have read homestuck when they were 13 LOL: here are some of them that i remember specifically

SERIOUS videos - on the other hand, i do have many memories of waching videos and crying, and crying... & other SERIOUS homestuck videos that give me powerful flashbacks, but dont make me cry at all actually. favorite homestuck pages

PAGE 3936...so far in my current re-read, this is the page that i remember most sharply. the close-up on john's eye... i think that inspired this comic i made

the conversation karkat has with himself 10 minutes from the future...This one drove me quite mad...

[S] Jade: Enter...may be my personal fvorite Flash!

[S] Prince of Heart: Rise Up and [S] Dirk: Synchronize+Unite...have HIT me in a SPECIAL WAY... they USED to be what i called my favorite flashes, and dirk being my favorite character (or more than that, in a way) they have really SHAKEN me to the Core. it especially makes me think and feel when i watch it now, seeing as at the young age of 13, i saw this character who doesnt hesitate to kill himself for the sake of some sort of plan that he has and knows must work, manipulating all of his friends along the way, and i said yup. thats me.

^ I would like to mension here that if i were to add to this list every moment with dirk in it that affected me deeply the list would be too long...T_T i only included here these flashes,but i would have added the conversation with lil hal where he almost breaks him,the entire trickster part ending with their God tier deaths...,His conversation with dave..And some more

aradiabot exploding...right in the feels.

this and this.


there are,frankly, TOOU many to list here. Too many beautiful song! but I'll try to list my absolute-favorite-s.

Rosie Lord - Catch My Breath.....it's important for me to put this one at the top of the list, because i want to share this with everybody. this song is definitely my favorite fan-song of homestuck, and that is really saying some-thing because homestuck has the best fan-songs i have ever listened to. it is, for one, real fun to sing by myself. but more than that, these lyrics describe john's emptiness at the end of the game better than I ever could, and at the same time the feel of the song is so painfully light, it brushes over you but you can't quite *feel* it, if that makes sense. i have a memory of myself listening to this song and crying on april 13, 2018, which was my first 413.
and it’s no matter who we’ve lost
there’re games that must be played
but I remember what they all forgot.

and I haven’t had a moment to catch my breath
It seems every time I blink I see nothing but death
nothing but death, death, death, death, death, death
So give me just one moment to catch my…

panty raid comic - ...........(SHIVERS)