Circle realm
(a.k.a: circle dimension)

the Circle realm is easy to enter. however, one might get stuck in the Circle realm fairly easily.
that is why.. the Circle dimension is known to be "hard to leave" - though that is not a proven fact, and mainly depends on the subject's capabilities.

when a subject enters Circle realm, they are "subjected" to various circles, of various diameters, incased in one another.
the circles in Circle realm provide the structure of the subject's reality once entering Circle realm.

the aforementioned circles found in Circle realm spin freely around, spinning the subject with them, but they all share a Centre, and are anchored to it.

it is theoretically possible to jump between circles or exit the Circle realm at all times, but it may be difficult or undesirable for some subjects.
something about the steady spinning of the circles allures subjects to stay in place.